„Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.“

-Arthur Ashe

Wood is the material of our time. No other material is so multi-faceted: sometimes it is hard and rough, sometimes soft and almost sensitive. This makes wood suitable for so many different areas of application. Jewelry, furniture and the construction of entire houses can easily be realized with the right type of wood and the appropriate treatment.

In addition, there is the artistic aspect: the grain tells a story that goes back decades, sometimes centuries, and is as individual as the human fingerprint. In this way, unique pieces of work are created according to design and by hand, which are guaranteed to be one of a kind.

I have been passionate about wood since childhood. I was initially interested in tree houses and carpentry and then, in my youth, finally discovered furniture making. Creativity, modernity and traditional craftsmanship can hardly be better combined than in individual furniture making.

This is precisely where my main focus lies. Furniture that is made mainly of local solid wood, with a mixture of traditional and modern craftsmanship paired with timeless design.